Maize Mill Update

Last week our South Anne Arundel Rotary Club dispersed $8,000 from the funds raised at the 2010 Golf Tournament so that Father Angelo could purchase the Maize Mill Equipment. The Mill House is now complete and ready for the install. As with the previous water well project Training for the operation of the Maize Mill has been included and Father Angelo has established a committee to help in the operation, maintenance and working of the Mill once it is ready to go. I have attached some photographs that Father Angelo has sent to me showing the setting of the Mill itself. The Equipment has to set in place for a full week prior to operation.

My plans for travel are coming along and I hope to confirm them within the next few weeks. I will be traveling to the Village in the month of July. Looking forward to meeting Father Angelo and the community in person and to planning what we can do for the community over the next few years.

Will keep everyone posted

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