Day 9 – Saturday

Day 9 – Saturday

We rose at 5am and packed the car for the last time, had a cup of tea (Barry’s that I had brought with me) and a slice of “Thank You” cake that had been overlooked at dinner the evening before.

We left the Parish at 6am and headed North up the M1 toward Mzuzu. We arrived at 8am and as promised got a full tank of gas at the station in front of the Bishop’s house – it is handy to know some people when there is no gas in the country, men of the cloth have a bit of influence here.

We took a tour of Father Angelo’s office in Mzuzu which served as the meeting place for the Youth Club Presidents and was established and funded by the church to provide a resource center for them. It had a computer that worked off XP and Word2003 and a photocopier that did not work. Father talked about the need to incentivize the youth to use the center office more often and learn from it – It needed books and a computer for Internet access.
We continued on to the main church where the Ordination was to be held – it was busy there with over a thousand people attending. Wonderful colors of blue, white and red with the name of the hosting Parish of St Augustine’s being displayed everywhere on banners and on the clothing of the dancers and the choir. Singing was already underway. We were introduced to the Bishop and then found our seats to witness the ordination of three Priests including Deacon Edmund from the Parish. We took a lot of pictures and video.

To stay on our schedule we left shortly after the main event and hit the road again at 11.15am. We drove to Nhkamenya first to drop off Father Angelo and say our final goodbyes and then we continued on the journey back to the hotel at Lilongwe. The road was good and the car behaved well. We arrived at just after 3.30pm and settled up Avis, checked in and got ready for our meeting with Stallard Mpata who as the past District Governor for the District that included Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique. It was a good meeting where we discovered that Stallard had spent time in the US studying at the University of Tallahassee and making bi annual trips to the United States – We encouraged him to visit our Club at a future time. We discussed what we had been doing, the future plans – reconfirmed some of the contacts at all of the different clubs of Malawi. We talked about the future of the country and the difficulties that it was experiencing with its current leadership as well as the recent K8million that the UK had pulled back in aid due to its dissatisfaction over the government’s policies on the economy. We thanked Stallard for taking the time to meet with us and finished our evening with a burger at the restaurant retiring at 10pm. Tomorrow we head to the airport for our flight home – We are ready – it has been a long ten days and we look forward to seeing our family and friends when we get back

When I get back I will have a lot of pictures and video to be uploaded to the blog so keep an eye out for updates in the near future when I have larger megabyte upload capabilities

Thank you for following our trip and please tell as many people as you can about our golf tournament in aid of Malawi that will be held on Sept 12th 2011 – check the website at

Signing off – Anthony

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